Web development

Web Design and Development


Whether you're looking to build an online store, market your company, update your current site, or anything in between, I have everything you need to get your website noticed.

A successful website design combines function, usability and aesthetics to reflect your brand, products and services in a way that speaks to its audience. I can create your website or improve and update what you already have. I will carefully consider business objectives and marketing strategy as I create cohesive visual, informative and interactive experiences for your users.

Online Marketing


A flexible, cross-disciplinary approach that includes marketing strategy, website design, programming, project management and Search Engine Optimization. As your business grows, I can provide advanced options for expanding your website to meet your customers’ needs and expectations.

Ecommerce Web Store Development


I can offer various levels of ecommerce web services, depending on your product or service, sales volume, budget and need for customization.

The one that fits your needs will be seamlessly integrated into your website, and I will provide training to get you started with managing your site and learning how the online tools works.

Online Form with Payment


If you only have a couple of products to sell and you don’t have a need for a full ecommerce site, a secure online payment form is a great alternative. Online payment forms can integrate with your existing payment processor like Skrill, PayOne, Neteller, PayPal Pro, PayPal Standard and many others.

Responsive Mobile Web Development


If your website isn’t designed to work with the ever-growing population of tablet and smartphone users, you might be missing a huge opportunity to improve the website visitor experience. Most of our clients are seeing anywhere from 20% to over 50% of their traffic coming from mobile devices.

Nearly all of my current client websites are mobile optimized, and all new designs are planned with mobile use from the very start of the project. Mobile is integrated in all aspects of my website development projects, from the graphic design and navigation, to testing and Internet browser compatibility. I also include mobile marketing as a key part of my client digital marketing strategies.

For most clients, I have found a responsive website design is adequate for their customers needs. A major advantage in responsive design over having a separate mobile website or mobile app is that you just have one website to update and manage, not two separate websites in the case of a mobile only website. Save yourself the headache of maintaining two sets of content and images with responsive website design!

Lets talk!

Whether you require web design and -development for web sites, commercial projects like e-commerce and shop systems, online databases or blogs, I can meet your needs. Please contact me for rates, bookings and all other enquiries and to discuss your requirements in more detail using the contact page.

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